From The Woodshop

We are a custom builder and can construct, fabricate, and renovate just about any project that comes our way.  Some of our current and past projects for customers include:

  • Top Bar Beehives 
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Portable Chicken Tractors
  • Chick Brooders
  • Garden Sheds
  • Custom Hunting Blinds
  • Outdoor Structures
  • Custom Rain Barrel Systems
  • Signature Hardwood Fly Lure Boxes
  • Custom Butterfly & Bird Boxes
  • ​Mailbox Posts

Contact us for whatever project you have in mind and we'll be glad to work with you to take your idea from concept to design and provide a cost estimate for completion.

From The Farm

Beyond organic products guided by Permaculture ethics

Pastured Poultry
We raise our chickens on pasture using a rotational style grazing method that provides the birds access to fresh air, sunshine, and nutritious forage. We move our chicken 'tractors', the portable pen that houses the birds, on a daily basis to give them access to a clean, fresh patch of grass.  There they'll spend the afternoon scratching the ground in search of delicious bugs and worms as well as forage on a variety of fresh greens!  The result is a product that cannot be beat for quality and nutrition density compared to conventionally-raised poultry.

​​2022 - Our first batch of broiler chickens will be available for on-farm customer pick-up on Sunday June 12th, 2022.  

Custom Butterfly Boxes for Mamoosa Farms - Irons MI


Chicken tractor build for Bennett Farms - Gowen MI


Farm Fresh Eggs
Our current layer flock consists of 19 hens and 1 rooster.  By specific breed we have (2) Brahmas, (3) buff bantam Cochins, (2) buff orpingtons, (8) Hubbard ISA Browns, (2) Leghorns, (1) Mille Fleur, (1) Ameraucana, and (1) Mottled Houdan.  This is quite the diverse flock which yields an interesting variety of eggs in both size and color.  Our layers are rotationally-grazed throughout the pasture and fed only certified organic grains.  Their nutrient-dense diet results in a premium quality egg that stands apart in taste and texture from the conventional grocery store eggs.  Our eggs sell for $5/dozen.  Please call ahead to coordinate pick up.  

Northern Path Family Farm

Fall Turkeys

Like our chickens, our pasture-raised turkeys are fed an organic, non-GMO feed and given access to fresh pasture daily where they may roam and forage on clean grass, bugs, and grit. 
– Our turkeys will be processed and available just in time for Thanksgiving!  This year’s on-farm pick-up day is scheduled for Sunday November 20th.  Please contact us as early as possible to reserve your bird!